Design-Build Process

Idea Creation

This is where the client sees a vision with their business and begins to come up with their ideas for the construction of a new facility. Whether it be industrial or commercial, new construction, expansion, or renovation, it all starts with the client's ideas and vision. This is where the Wilkie Team steps in to make the client's dream a reality.

Team Selection

The next step of the design-build process is for you to pick a design-build team. Always do your due diligence and select the most experienced contractor-architect team with a proven track record. For over six decades, Wilkie Construction has created some of the most iconic buildings in our community. We take pride in bringing our clients’ vision to life, on time and budget.

Project Planning

Planning is a critical step in the process. It’s where the goals of the plan are defined and the feasibility is evaluated. During this phase, we make sure every possible variable is recognized and addressed. That includes local and environmental approvals, property lines, easements, and a myriad of other issues. All this takes time. An experienced construction company understands the importance of this phase and really lays the foundation for a successful project.

Design Phase

This is where all the hard work that went into planning pays off. The architects, engineers, and construction teams spring into action. The design-build team finds opportunities for savings on costs and optimizing productivity, while at the same time meeting functional requirements and style preferences. The overall project vision is established during this phase, and preliminary drawings are presented to the client. Pricing estimates can be established during this phase as well, and a final budget is provided.

Establishing a Guaranteed Maximum Price

Here at Wilkie, we like to take our expertise, along with our preliminary drawings, and provide the client with the most accurate budget proposal. This ensures a maximum price for the project as well as taking unknowns into consideration, in the final design drawings. We like to sell the client on our integrity with this and proceed by selling them on a final design. This allows us to provide them with an exact price in their project, and allows us to fine-tune our estimate and means for construction, and allows us to reestimate our pricing at the lowest expense to the client by having unknowns answered in the final design.

Construction Phase

This is where our team takes all of our information from the previous steps and takes action, and executes into bringing the client's vision to life. This is our specialty and what our team here at Wilkie truly enjoys.

Project Completion

This is the most satisfying part of any project. When we can sit back as a team and be proud of what we've provided our client, see their expression and satisfaction in making their dream a reality, it's priceless. There is no greater feeling than knowing we helped a client grow their business and fulfill their needs, all while providing the highest quality, service, and workmanship, while being the most cost-effective as possible. This is Wilkie Construction, and this is what we believe in.

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