Pre-Engineered Construction

Pre-engineered construction consists of a factory pre-fabricated building system delivered to the construction site. The building system is then erected and assembled as required.

There are a number of advantages to this method of construction:

Application Options
Pre-engineered metal building systems work well for industrial applications such as complex industrial facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, shopping centers, automotive, airplane hangars, medical facilities and governmental buildings.

Cost Savings
Typically, pre-engineered building systems construction offers significant cost conventional construction methods. Lower life cycle costs (maintenance/upkeep) for greater return on investment. Reduced upfront Architectural and Engineering costs.

Design Flexibility
Offers flexibility in the building design. A pre-engineered metal building system allows for the creation of large column-free enclosures.

Pre-engineered building systems are typically designed for future expansion if needed.

Time Savings
Typically construction time can be significantly reduced utilizing pre-engineered building systems and methods.