Distinguished. Disciplined. Dedicated. Wilkie.

Josh Wilkie

63 Years of Excellence

Wilkie Construction was established in the Hickory, NC metro area in 1959. Glenn A. Wilkie (CEO 1913–1980) built a rock-solid construction business by the belief in high standards, successful management and a commitment to deliver quality workmanship. In the 1970's, Wilkie Construction’s second generation, Dean and Greg Wilkie, entered the company in management positions. With their introduction of modern construction techniques, company growth and market prominence progressed rapidly.

The future of Wilkie Construction looks bright in the capable hands of third-generation leader, Josh Wilkie. Josh, currently serves as our vice president. His goal is to provide clients with the same high level of excellence and customer service that his grandfather and father built the company on. Backed by Josh’s strong leadership, construction expertise and techniques, and forward-thinking vision, Wilkie’s success knows no bounds.

Design-Build Process

Our design-build construction delivery method works to bring our designers, subcontractors, and our client together as one team to build a project that meets and exceeds client expectations. Team members focus on communication, collaboration, and solving problems together.